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GO MOBILE! Play, Chat, Monitor, & Feed Your Pet All While On The Go.

  • VIDEO SURVEILLANCE IN YOUR POCKET – Use the built-in 1 MP microphone and camera to view live footage, take pictures, and talk to your pet from anywhere, anytime!
  • FOOD & TREAT DISPENSER – Assign your FunPaw a schedule to dispense a healthy portion of food, or conveniently show your pet a little extra love wherever you are!
  • INSTANT ACCESS ANYWHERE – Using either Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi, you can connect to your Playbot on any Android or iOS device!
  • PLAY TIME ON THE GO – Activate the Playbot’s laser pointer to remotely play with your pet anytime with just a tap of your fingers!
  • IDEAL FOR DOGS AND CATS –The electronic pet companion and feeder has a unique interactive design that makes it the perfect robot playmate for almost any furry friend!

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PlayBot - Q By FunPaw

Whether you’re more of a dog person or a committed cat companion, the FunPaw Playbot Q Automatic Pet Feeder is a fun and reliable playmate to keep your furry friend company while you’re not around. It’s no fun walking out your door to work, school, or that midnight matinee knowing your pet is alone… With the FunPaw, you’ll be able to check in, feed, or play with your pet remotely, from anywhere with your phone!

Dispense food anytime or set a meal schedule using the interactive feeder designed with built-in Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi capability for convenient connection. It’s as easy as downloading the Android and iOS app! Wirelessly access your Playbot to feed your pet if you’re running late or squeeze in some quality play time no matter where you are.

The Playbot can hold up to 25 oz of dry pet food and 11 treats at one time! Easily set a dependable feeding schedule with healthy portions and dispense the occasional snack to keep your pet happy and healthy. Keep your peace of mind while you’re on the go!

To keep your floors pristine and free of any messy mealtime mishaps, the Playbot comes equipped with an ample tray with 5 different compartments. Once your furry friend is fed and full, activate the pet laser pointer and begin a rousing round of remote play time from anywhere. The Funpaw’s 3 wheel drive provides comprehensive mobility to chase and exercise your pet. And at the end of each play session, launch special treats as a reward at just the push of your finger.

Take pictures, record video, and monitor your pet using the real-time 1 MP camera. And don’t be shy! The Playbot holds up to 8 GB of storage. Talk to your pet anytime with the high-performance microphone and speaker – even let your dog or cat talk back to the specially designed two-way audio function! With the automatic feeder’s comprehensive surveillance technology, you can easily quell any lingering separation anxiety – whether for you or your pet! The Playbot dispenser also has front lights to help effortlessly locate your pet in the dark and the stationary top-half can be used as a detachable/optional monitoring unit.

Don’t feel guilty about that full-time job or active social life anymore. With the FunPaw Playbot Q Pet Camera and Play Center, you can give your pet the constant comfort and companionship it needs, all while you’re on the go!

User Manual

User Manual

FunPaw Playbot – Q User Manual

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