FunPaw FAQ

Troubleshooting & FAQ

Why did the device stop working?

The adapter may have been accidentally removed (FunPaw Q) or the batteries may have died (Funpaw Playbot Q). Check to
make sure the adapter is securely connected and recharge as needed.

How many treats can the compartment hold?

The FunPaw can currently hold about 11 miniature treats.

Where can the device be used?

It is recommended to use the device indoors in a safe, dry environment and on top of stable, level surfaces.

Does the device turn off automatically?

No. To turn the device off, press the power button, then disconnect it from the charger.

FunPaw Maintenance


When the device is not in-use, turn it off and store it safely. Proper storage and care will help maintain your device. Depending on usage, the device may need to be cleaned periodically. See the following information below.


Completely power off the device before cleaning.

Use a dry, non-abrasive cloth to gently remove debris.

If needed, lightly dampen non-abrasive cloth with water to aid in cleaning.


Never use alcohol or ammonia-based cleaning solutions.

Never spray liquid directly onto any part of the device.

Do not expose the device or its accessories to excess water, moisture, or liquids.

Do not insert objects into the device except to clean out the part of the hopper which holds treats.